32 Years of “Ten Violent Women”

10violent1sheet“Ten Violent Women” was released 32 years ago this month (March). This is a Ted Mikels classic Women in Prison flick which can be boiled down in a sentence as:

It’s ridiculous, absurd, sloppy and lots of fun.

Most of these “Ten Violent Women” were one-hit wonders, in that they had a single film role in this flick and then promptly moved on with their lives.  Mikels recalled later that he wrote scripts such that he had as few actors in the shot at one time as possible, given the difficulty in scheduling, though I’m not sure that was as much an issue in this film.

There is a nice (and succinct) write-up of this film in Mike Quarles’ 1993 classic book Down and Dirty: Hollywood’s Exploitation Filmmakers and Their Movies, which reminds us that this film is really two films spliced together: the scenes taking place outside of prison feel like light, TV adventure, while the prison scenes have a much darker and sleazier feel to them.

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