Riley Mills Passed Way Much Too Early

Riley Mills passed away on this date 13 years ago in Los Angeles, at the young age of 42.  He played the bratty kid “Pete” in I Drink Your Blood, who was moreorless the most important character in the film, as he gave the hippies the key to turning into, moreorless, zombies. He seems to have abandonedContinue reading “Riley Mills Passed Way Much Too Early”

Happy Birthday Riley Mills!

Riley Mills, who played “Pete” in I Drink Your Blood—the kid who put the rabies-infected blood in the satanist hippies’ food–would have celebrated his 55th birthday today (March 18).  He died in 2001 at age 42, far too soon.  Mills parted with show business after this role, and only had a single guest spot on Family Affair threeContinue reading “Happy Birthday Riley Mills!”