Happy Birthday Richard Bowler!

Today (June 21) would have been Richard Bowler’s 116th birthday! By far the oldest in the cast of I Drink Your Blood, he played “Grandpa,” whose beating by Bhaskar (“Horace Bones”) and his hippie gang led to Riley Mills (“Pete”) poisoning their food and turning the hippies into zombies. He only had four film roles, the mostContinue reading “Happy Birthday Richard Bowler!”

Happy Birthday Jadin Wong and Remembering Richard Bowler

Today (May 24) is the 101st birthday of Jadin Wong, the mostly silent co-star of I Drink Your Blood.  She was a pioneer of Asian-American women on stage and screen, so her role in a rank exploitation film–that exploited popular beliefs about the “inscrutable Asian” common at the time is still something of a mystery toContinue reading “Happy Birthday Jadin Wong and Remembering Richard Bowler”