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Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Here’s an oooooooooooold post that I had some fun with 🙂

In the wonderful Netflix streaming queue, this is called “I Spit on Your Corpse” but if you want to look it up on IMDB you’ll find it under “Girls for Rent”. I think the latter is probably more apt since this really doesn’t have anything to do with malevolent revenge and spitting on corpses. “I Spit on Your Grave” (which came out four years later) at least has to do with bloody revenge for something terrible. This is basically a poorly made, badly acted, weird chase movie that does involve, at the beginning, “girls for rent”. This movie was strange, and I don’t mean “70’s psychedelia strange”. I mean the production was terrible, the story was kind of stupid, the actors and actresses were all pretty downright ugly except for one and it was too long. I guess I shouldn’t…

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This was remade or rebooted (or whatever) about a decade ago by Tobe Hooper, who should’ve known better.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

I’m REALLY behind on my movie writin’ (and I’m very sleepy) (and I’ve been toiling away, working on something veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery special for Monday), and since someone responded to a questionnaire indicating they wouldn’t like it if I didn’t post something on Wednesday, here’s one from the archives that only one person has ever looked at. This is also one of my very first (and favorite) posts (LOL look at those tags!!) so don’t laugh AT me. Since only one person has ever read this and was kind enough to leave a comment here it is:

Lemuel Severance

“It starts off with a bang – well, with a drill – then a hammer, and then a screwdriver, and then a nail gun.”
ALL THAT and…a doll beheading –

What’s not to like about this thing? I remember, back when HBO first came out, staying up late after the mom…

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I’ll check this out despite IPC’s warnings, given the vintage of this flick.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


This movie really fucking sucked, guys. I can’t imagined that anyone who has ever seen this likes this thing. I’m not very critical of the movies from the 70s because that’s when I grew up and most of these movies bring back fond memories of a simpler and easier time, but this one is fucking awful.  This showed up for me in Netflix as “BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD”… WHAT??? HELL YEAH!!! I was all over it!! Then, when I got it, I put it in and looked it up on IMDB to see if anyone I knew was in it and it’s called NIGHTMARE CIRCUS out there and yeah… my hopes for a barn full of naked zombie women started to fade. But, like a true Pimp, like a Boss even, I pressed on… and boy did it suck ass.


With miserable, scratchy film and ear bleeding mono sound, a group of…

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Here’s a bit on what I’ve been reading as of late–mainly from those with the sufficiently poor judgment as to follow me on Twitter. Seriously, you folks are awesome, and I wanted to highlight your stuff to the 8 or so people who read this blog 😉  Mainly I read your movie reviews, I’ve seen many of these, but a few I have not, and I’ll be getting to those soon.  I don’t like to review individual films so much–I know my limitations–but enjoy reading yours very much. Here, I thought I would match the reviews to where we can find online viewing of trailers and full movies,just for convenience.  There’s a few non-movie reviews tucked in here, too.

These links are no real order, but do check out these fine purveyors of horror and B-movies!

George Wendt!

  • Horrorpedia and Stigmatophilia both take on Hack-O-Lantern (aka: Halloween Night) from 1988.  I hate it when Grandpa ends up a satanic cult leader!
  • Daily Grindhouse offers a list of “50 Cult Movie Books Every Film Fan Should Own.”  I am a book lover too, so I loved this set of posts: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  I think the essentials here are numbers 36, 31, 28, 20, 19, 13 (these last three are my all time favorites) 10 and 2.  Some of the works included seemed like filler to get to 50, while some good ones seemed to go missing.  Maybe we just have different tastes, and I should do up my own list.

Also starring Alan Ormsby of Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1973), fwiw.

Yes, Paul Sorvino!

  • Isaac’s Picture Conclusions on Scar (2007).  Not familiar with this movie, but throwing it on the “to watch” list, despite its apparent lack of coherence.
  • Lastly, have a look at the Do-It-Yourself Giallo Kit to get your very own (fake) movie title, director, and plot in the Italian crime/thriller spirit. Such as: A Golden Armadillo on the Cold Metal Table (dir. Sergio and Martino de Alberto) in which: “An American model is killing off the members of a certain business.  A female journalist accidentally destroys some crucial evidence about the the killing. When another person is found murdered, she is on the verge of solving the mystery when she is killed by the real culprits: a secret society made up of the people she most trusted.”  Loads of fun . . . for five minutes.