2015 Wrap-Up: My Top Five List

Couple things on the wrap-up this year: first I can say that in 2015 I watched an even 70 films. By no means am I a “power-watcher” of movies, quality over quantity, or said another way: I have a day job. And kids. And I’m usually tired by the time I get a chance. BeforeContinue reading “2015 Wrap-Up: My Top Five List”

I Heart Mega Sharks

  What can I say? I’m a sucker for this pretty tired formula involving ridiculously large fish attacking ridiculously long passed their sell-by date pop culture icons in ridiculously silly ways. Lest you think I’ve jettisoned all standards, I’ll have you know I’m a purist: sharks must only have one head, not three; must beContinue reading “I Heart Mega Sharks”

Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter

Seriously… what historical figure hasn’t been a zombie or vampire hunter in a past life? Not there’s anything wrong with either pastime. MOVIES and MANIA Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter is a 2015 American horror film directed by Thomas J. Churchill (Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead) from a screenplay he has co-written with Joe Knetter. The film stars SarahContinue reading “Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter”