I Heart Mega Sharks

  What can I say? I’m a sucker for this pretty tired formula involving ridiculously large fish attacking ridiculously long passed their sell-by date pop culture icons in ridiculously silly ways. Lest you think I’ve jettisoned all standards, I’ll have you know I’m a purist: sharks must only have one head, not three; must beContinue reading “I Heart Mega Sharks”

“Transformers” Insults Sci-Fi B-Movies

I don’t like doing movie reviews per se, but a few words about this nonsense.  Against my better judgment I found myself watching this the other night, and I have to say it was offensive, but not for reasons I thought I might be. I was never in the Michael Bay hater camp–if anything, I asContinue reading ““Transformers” Insults Sci-Fi B-Movies”

Linkage: September 2014 Edition

Several good posts to make sure you catch this month, from the usual suspects of good B-exploitation-horror writers. Enjoy! Daily Grindhouse has a very positive, if somewhat cryptic, review of the zero-budget documentary, Kung Fu Elliot. While you’re lingering at DG, see the repost of Jason Coffman’s primer on Vansploitation films of the 1970s. Lost HighwayContinue reading “Linkage: September 2014 Edition”

Towards a Dedicated Cult Movie Theater?

So, I’m reaching a point in life where if I don’t take the above dream seriously, it will probably not happen. Here, I’m interested in putting forward a potential concept(s) for such a theater, to see how it can be made into a sustainable (read: profitable) enterprise.  At this point I’m researching the mechanics ofContinue reading “Towards a Dedicated Cult Movie Theater?”