My Bottom Five First-Time Watches of 2014

I do love the terrible movies, but sometimes there are those that make you guzzle the palette-cleanser afterwards. Here are some of the worst films I saw last year, as told to Mike and Iris at the Badasses, Boobs, and Bodycounts podcast. Here are my faves of last year. Spoilers ensue, so reader beware. 1.Continue reading “My Bottom Five First-Time Watches of 2014”

My Top Five First-Time Watches of 2014

A bit ago over at the Badasses, Boobs, and Bodycounts podcast, the inestimable hosts Mike and Iris asked listeners to submit their top and bottom five first-time watches from 2014. I jumped on that action quickly, and got my email read on the podcast–mine was first up in fact.  Here it is again, slightly edited:Continue reading “My Top Five First-Time Watches of 2014”

Quick Take: “Hobo With a Shotgun” (2011)

Just caught this little “neo-grindhouse” gem by borrowing the DVD from my local library. This project started as a “make your own grindhouse film trailer” contest, and then the pros came in to fill this project out–most notably Rutger Hauer and some Canadian indy film talents. I would’ve much preferred to see this film withoutContinue reading “Quick Take: “Hobo With a Shotgun” (2011)”


These are a little too contemporary for me most days, but these are worth checking out.

Link Dump: Mid-Late October

It’s time for another good-sized roundup of good movie reviews from the tweeps.  Love how you folks are keeping exploitation and B-movies in circulation. With a good-sized H/T to Cultural Gutter, I saw this interesting post on TV criticism vs. TV recapping, among other things.  I liked it because it gives voice to what I’m tryingContinue reading “Link Dump: Mid-Late October”