The Nostril Picker

“Despite its title, the film plot does not directly revolve around a man who picks his nose.” MOVIES and MANIA ‘He chose his weapons… he selected his victims… he picked his nose…’ The Nostril Picker – aka The Changer –  is a 1993 American horror film in the slasher genre. It was directed by Mark Nowicki from aContinue reading “The Nostril Picker”

60 Years of Godzilla Trailers!

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Godzilla film this weekend, here are the trailers of 29 previous Toho films. I don’t include non-Toho films here, especially the highly-despised 1998 Matthew Broderick version, and I’m not a kaiju-guru enough to know if this list is complete.  But it at least gets us a good startContinue reading “60 Years of Godzilla Trailers!”