Happy Birthday Tyde Kierney!

Happiest of birthdays to Tyde Kierney, “Andy” in I Drink Your Blood, who turns 65 today (February 17).  It took another 15 years after IDYB for Kierney to appear on film again, and he shows up in something every couple years.  He had bit parts in some pretty big mainstream films in the ’90s, including InternalContinue reading “Happy Birthday Tyde Kierney!”

Happy Birthday Bhaskar!

Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, star of I Drink Your Blood would have turned 83 years young today.  In 1977, just seven years after IDYB, he suffered a tragic accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, cutting short the career of a very talented hoofer.  He died in 2003.   His exploitation film career probably came with meeting David DurstonContinue reading “Happy Birthday Bhaskar!”

Today: The Anniversary of Bhaskar’s Accident

Today marks the 36th anniversary (1977) of the stage accident that paralyzed I Drink Your Blood actor Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury.  The 35-foot fall during a dance rehearsal at Purdue University.  He later sued the university and received some sort of settlement, but he was confined to a wheelchair for remaining 26 years of his life, and turnedContinue reading “Today: The Anniversary of Bhaskar’s Accident”

Films I’ve Seen Lately #2

This time around, I thought I’d just keep track of everything I’m watching over the past month or so.  No rhyme or reason, as usual–just stuff I run across on YouTube, Netflix, my cable on-demand service, and stuff I see refs to in Twitter and elsewhere. Christine (1983) Fun flick from John Carpenter adapting aContinue reading “Films I’ve Seen Lately #2”

“Angels Hard As They Come” Turns 42!

This month is the 42nd anniversary of the release of this little gem of an outlaw biker flick, notable for being written by Jonathan Demme, and starring Scott Glenn and Gary Busey before they were stars.  In fact, this was Busey’s first film role. As is my general rule, I’ll not review this film asContinue reading ““Angels Hard As They Come” Turns 42!”

Happy Birthday David Durston!

He’d have been 92 today.  He directed several films, but is most known for I Drink Your Blood.  I profiled his film career several months back, as my debut post in my still ongoing project to dig into the careers of the film’s cast.  Durston died in 2010 at the age of 88, here’s his obitContinue reading “Happy Birthday David Durston!”

Cool Links from the Tweeps, 20-21 August

I finally got the blogs and sites from my 500-odd tweeps loaded into my NetVibes, so hopefully every couple days or so I can highlight the posts I find particularly good.  No rhyme or reason, just cool stuff I’m reading, that you should be seeing, too: Movies, Silently gives us a nice, and succinct, re-imagining True Grit as a 1917Continue reading “Cool Links from the Tweeps, 20-21 August”

Ten Years Gone: Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury

A quick note that today marks the 10th anniversary of I Drink Your Blood star Bhaskar’s passing.  He’d have been 83 today.  I profiled him a couple months ago, and followed up with a second look which casts doubt on the IMDB-fueled ideas about him as a bit player in the Indian cinema scene.  The jury’s stillContinue reading “Ten Years Gone: Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury”

Godzilla and Mothra: Kaiju Dynamic Frenemy Duo

Godzilla and Mothra are, IMHO, the best dynamic duo pair of the kaiju eiga (Japanese giant monster) movies.  I hope Godzilla, as just about everyone’s top movie monster of all time, needs no introduction.   He first appeared in Gojira in 1954, which was recut, and had some scenes added with Raymond Burr to make the (modified) story accessibleContinue reading “Godzilla and Mothra: Kaiju Dynamic Frenemy Duo”