Movie Poster Collection: Serials and Obscurities of Frank Adreon

We last found Frank Adreon when he brought us the Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders serial in 1953. Adreon (1902-79), toiled long and hard at Republic Studios’ serial factory, and then brought us a number of overwrought dramas in a variety of genres which are now fairly obscure. Here is a sample:

Movie Poster Collection: Jack Pollexfen Adventure/Sci-Fi Films

Jack Pollexfen (1908-2003) was a journalist-turned film producer who brought us many adventure/sci-fi films in the 1950s and 60s, including The Neanderthal Man which we ran into a few weeks back. Here are some other highlights.        

Movie Poster Collection: The Sci-Fi of Willie Wilder

Wilhelm (“Willie”) Wilder, who lived from 1904-82, was an interesting director mainly known for his eight film noirs and for being the estranged, older brother of Billy Wilder. Willie also left an interesting sci-fi legacy which I’ve tried to capture the outlines of here. We first bumped into his Phantom From Space when we looked atContinue reading “Movie Poster Collection: The Sci-Fi of Willie Wilder”

10 Awesome Drive-In Movies

Originally posted on Anti-Film School:
Today, a little over three hundred drive-in movie theaters remain sprinkled throughout the United States. This means that many Americans are not lucky enough to have a drive-in movie theater close by their home. In the drive-in’s heyday, small production companies would release B-movies tailor-made for the drive-in audience. There…

Target Earth

I’m always a sucker for robot invasion movies from the 1950s! MOVIES and MANIA ‘You’ll be paralysed with fear…’ Target Earth is a 1954 science fiction film and Herman Cohen‘s first production. It was directed by Sherman A. Rose from a screenplay by Bill Raynor, AIP’s James Nicholson and Wyott Ordung (Monster from the Ocean Floor). It stars Richard DenningContinue reading “Target Earth”

60 Years of Godzilla Trailers!

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Godzilla film this weekend, here are the trailers of 29 previous Toho films. I don’t include non-Toho films here, especially the highly-despised 1998 Matthew Broderick version, and I’m not a kaiju-guru enough to know if this list is complete.  But it at least gets us a good startContinue reading “60 Years of Godzilla Trailers!”

Grindhouse Brackets 5: On to the Sweet 16!

At this point, we’ve eliminated half of the films we started with, and have arrived at our Sweet 16! But before we get to that story, I have to go over this story–how Match-Up 4 shook out. This Story  Match-up 4 had about half the votes of 3, which is fine, and here’s how it all wentContinue reading “Grindhouse Brackets 5: On to the Sweet 16!”

Grindhouse Brackets Match-Up 2: 70s Cults, Troma Tries Again, and Sci-Fi/Horror 1950s-70s

Round 1 was a great success–thanks to all who voted!–and the results are in: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Christine, She-Devils on Wheels, and Grizzly are all moving on, while Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Amityville Horror, Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, and Rattlers are done for this year.  Here are the official results:Continue reading “Grindhouse Brackets Match-Up 2: 70s Cults, Troma Tries Again, and Sci-Fi/Horror 1950s-70s”