Deadtime Stories

Good write-up of a fun-looking 80s low-budget horror anthology.

Forgotten Films

Deadtime Stories 9As sure as Dracula is afraid of getting a suntan, our Halloween series here at Forgotten Films is sure to bring out at least one horror anthology film. That’s where those half-baked horror ideas come together to make one film out of several short stories, since none of them is substantial enough to make a film all by themselves. This year we get three stories wrapped together by the framing device of a guy telling his young nephew stories to get him to go to sleep. Plug in your night-light for 1986’s Deadtime Stories.

Deadtime Stories 2Story number one concerns a young man named Peter (Scott Valentine…Nick from Family Ties) who has been raised by two witches since he was just a little guy. Now that he’s a strapping young man, the two hags use him to help lure their victims. First he brings them a priest who is expecting an…

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