The Cars That Ate Paris


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The Cars That Ate Parisaka The Cars That Eat People – is a 1974 Australian horrorcomedy film. Directed by Peter Weir, it was his first feature film. The film stars John MeillonTerry Camilleri,, Chris Haywood and Bruce Spence.


Plot teaser

Lying in a gently rolling range of hills, the town of Paris has prospered from the hunting and destruction of cars: the road into Paris is a death trap. Into this trap drive George and Arthur Waldo. George is killed; Arthur survives and is pronounced harmless by the mayor. Although unaware, Arthur is a prisoner. He must never leave Paris. But the town that lives by the car shall die by the car, and eventually the hunters become the hunted

cars 4

The producers unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate an American release for the film with Roger Corman after it was…

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