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Here’s an oooooooooooold post that I had some fun with 🙂

In the wonderful Netflix streaming queue, this is called “I Spit on Your Corpse” but if you want to look it up on IMDB you’ll find it under “Girls for Rent”. I think the latter is probably more apt since this really doesn’t have anything to do with malevolent revenge and spitting on corpses. “I Spit on Your Grave” (which came out four years later) at least has to do with bloody revenge for something terrible. This is basically a poorly made, badly acted, weird chase movie that does involve, at the beginning, “girls for rent”. This movie was strange, and I don’t mean “70’s psychedelia strange”. I mean the production was terrible, the story was kind of stupid, the actors and actresses were all pretty downright ugly except for one and it was too long. I guess I shouldn’t…

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