Stiggy’s Film of the Day Sugar Hill (1974)

There really needs to be a blaxploitation blogathon…

Stigmatophilia's gore splattered corner of insanity.

sugar hill poster

The Story.

Blaxploitation/horror was never an extensive sub-genre of film. The most remembered films from this period were the likes of Blacula (1972), Blackenstein (1973) and Scream Blacula Scream (1973). Nevertheless amongst the handful of titles that carried this hybrid of themes came a few gems, Sugar Hill being one such title. Sugar Hill mixes straight up Blaxploitation themes, mob bosses, club killings, revenge with a large dose of voodoo hoodoo magic. Bereaved Sugar sees her fiancé, club owner Langston, killed by the local- and white- mob boss Morgan, in order to take control of his club. Overtaken by grief Sugar takes revenge for Langston’s death by getting back to her witchy/voodoo roots and summoning the help of zombie king Baron Samedi and his horde of undead minions to track down and kill those responsible for her lover’s death.


Director, cast and crew.

This was the one and only…

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