Love Goddesses of Blood Island

Clearly, this film needs a to reach a wider audience.



‘Was it a dream or reality… for one man on an island of terror?’

Love Goddesses of Blood Island (also known as Six She’s and a He and Kiss Me Bloody is a 1963 cheesecake gore horror film executive produced and directed by Richard S. Flink [as Gordon H. Heaver]. Flink’s only other known credit is as the producer of half-man, half-jellyfish monster movie Sting of Death (1965). The film was scripted by William Kerwin (actor in Blood Feast; Playgirl Killer; Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things and co-writer of Sting of Death). It stars Launa Hodges, Bill Rogers (A Taste of Blood; Flesh Feast), Carol Wintress, Dawn Meredith, Liz Burton, Laura Wood, Ingrid Albert.


Something Weird Video chanced upon a 28 minute, condensed version of Love Goddesses of Blood Island when they acquired the rights to William Grefe’s Sting Of Death. They released…

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