Happy Birthday Tyde Kierney!

Happiest of birthdays to Tyde Kierney, “Andy” in I Drink Your Blood, who turns 65 today (February 17).  It took another 15 years after IDYB for Kierney to appear on film again, and he shows up in something every couple years.  He had bit parts in some pretty big mainstream films in the ’90s, including Internal Affairs (1990); In the Line of Fire (1993); Casino (1995); and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998).  His last gig seems to have been in some bizarre local TV variety show called The King Kaiser Show in 2007.  It reminds me of a more scripted version of The Gong Show.  

I’ll call out one film he worked on because it gets back to exploitation cinema: Kierney also had a bit part in the Jim Wynorski-directed 1996 straight-to-video version of Vampirella, a project the director regrets making.

At the end of the day, Kierney seems to keep a pretty low profile, as I cannot find even a decent readily available headshot of him to post here, although he did sit down for an on-camera interview as a DVD extra feature in the 2003 release of I Drink Your Blood.

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